Maintenance Programs

Lakeside Cooling Towers is now offering an ongoing service and maintenance program for any existing cooling tower at low monthly cost.

After over 50 years of manufacturing and servicing cooling towers worldwide, we know all to well how difficult it can be to allocate the funds for urgent repairs or even just allowing for the ongoing costs of operating a cooling tower. Our service and maintenance program ensures that you are always covered for any eventuality, without the pain of a large bill at the end of it all. All costs are factored in with no hidden charges. We ensure the client is familiar with all the regulations surrounding the operations of cooling towers and the safety issues associated with it.

These services include:

Auditing of Existing Cooling Towers.
All cooling towers must be registered and audited after installation to asses the risk category for your cooling tower

Chemical Treatment and cleaning program.
Once artisk category has been assigned, a chemical treatment and cleaning program is arranged in accordance with ASNZ 3666 Standards.

ASNZ 3666 compliance
If your tower is not compliant with the regulations, all necessary changes will be arranged for and certification is provided.

Regular performance assessments
To ensure your tower is running according to your performance requirements we carry out regular tests on the Cooling Tower and provide a clear explanation of how the tower is performing. This process can often save up to 20% off your ongoing running costs, including water useage.

Priority Repair Program
In some circumstances it is necessary to have the tower repaired right away in the case of a major failure. Lakeside Cooling Towers is the only cooling tower company to offer a 24hr repair turn around to ensure your operations are not affected for more than one day. We hold all necessary parts in stock and can have our experienced team on site within 24 hours of the initial contact.

Hardware replacements
Lakeside Cooling Towers has access to a wide range of motors, fans, drift eliminators, fill packs and air inlet grilles and always ensure that the product supplied is up to the customers performance requirements.
An ongoing maintenance program has shown to save up to 30% of the running costs associated with the operation of a cooling tower and extends the life of the tower dramatically. All saving you valuable time and of course, money.

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