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[July 2021] New assorted Plant based drinks manufacturing.
Lakeside cooling towers has just completed with Tetrapak a new assorted plant based drinks manufacturing plant.



[June 2021] Potential impact of evaporative cooling technologies on Australian office buildings

This paper presents the results of a preliminary simulation-based study of the potential energy-efficiency benefits of a range of evaporative cooling technologies for Australian office buildings across the full range of Australian climates.

It is found that dewpoint coolers offer the most promising savings potential (13–55 per cent) across climate zones 2–7 (i.e., all climate zones other than Darwin and Thredbo). In climate zone 8 (Thredbo) it is shown that a direct/indirect evaporative cooling arrangement can wholly supplant the need for a chiller. Desiccant wheel systems were found to generate electricity savings in climate zones 1–4 but these were counteracted by the significant amount of energy required for desiccant reactivation.

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