Lakeside Cooling Towers is now offering an ongoing service and maintenance program for any existing cooling tower at low monthly cost.

After over 50 years of manufacturing and servicing cooling towers worldwide, we know all to well how difficult it can be to allocate the funds for urgent repairs or even just allowing for the ongoing costs of operating a cooling tower. Our service and maintenance program ensures that you are always covered for any eventuality, without the pain of a large bill at the end of it all. All costs are factored in with no hidden charges. We ensure the client is familiar with all the regulations surrounding the operations of cooling towers and the safety issues associated with it.

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With over 50 years experience in the design, manufacture and installation of cooling towers, and over 15,000 towers in the field, Melbourne based Lakeside Cooling Towers is well positioned to provide advice to dairy farmers on cooling towers selection.
Lakeside’s towers fully comply with Australian and international standards.
All materials in our towers are locally sourced and of the highest quality.
Towers and spare parts are usually available ex-stock.
WARRANTY: 5 years casing, 1 year all other components.

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The benefit of the cooling tower in hydroponic installations is that it both cools and oxygenates water at the same time. Growers know that plants may become weak or die if their root systems suffer from lack of oxygen or if the nutrient solution becomes too warm or concentrated.

A small cooling tower positioned in line with a storage tank, enables the nutrient rich water to be oxygenated, cooled and redistributed back through the plants. The benefits of the nutrient rich, oxygenated water all year round is obvious. Spectacular growth rates and yields not withstanding this; the grower will appreciate the reduction in water use through reduced evaporation which also helps stabilize nutrient concentration. Numerous units sold to hydroponic growers who have reported a phenomenal increase in productivity and a reduction in the problems usually associated with diseased plants.

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Reduced energy costs(shorter chiller operation), Faster delivery of chilled water, Reduced plant maintenance, Increased mixing efficiency water aeration via cooling tower resulting in less chloride & improved molecular bonding (hygroscopic capacity).

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